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The Film, TV, and Music Industries can be some of the toughest industries to find success in. That is why LIMS provides you with the opportunity to gain the professional experience needed to thrive in these industries. You’ll be placed in a professional working environment, and hone your skills to become a pro in your trade.

In the Film and TV department, you’ll learn how to push yourself, adapt to the industry’s vigorous work schedule, embrace tight deadlines, and evolve your passion into real success! You’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience working alongside the various departments of a film production crew to create a real feature film. Our Program is 12 weeks, 8-12 hours per day. In the first four weeks, trainees prepare for the production. The final six weeks will have each student using his or her skills to create a “real” filmed production, not a student film.

By the end of our vigorous, 12-week program, you will leave with the professional experience, confidence, and tools to enter your trade looking like a pro.

In the Music department, LIMS develops your vocal techniques, teaches you how to record songs, perfects your stage performance talents, and evolves your interview skills. You’ll work directly with some of the best music pros in the industry, and learn what it takes to become a star! Learn more!