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movies-War Flowers- Christina Ricci, Tom BerengerJimmy Lifton is not only a well-known musician but is also renowned in the field of movie making. He has produced eighteen feature films, multiple dramatic episodes and written over twenty screenplays. Lifton’s interest in movies began with the making of his music video “I Wanna Talk To You”. It was for Jimmy’s first single as a solo musician/artist. It was followed by his video production of “Harmony”, nominated by Billboard Magazine as Best Independent Production of the Year. Soon thereafter, Lifton covered the hit song, “I’m a man” in collaboration with Steve Winwood and Jimmy Miller. His music video for “I’m a Man” rose to #2 in the National Video Charts, only 2nd to Phil Collins.  It wasn’t long before Lifton decided to enter the world of movies. In 1986 he directed the music video for the song “Automatic” by Millie Scott, being hired by Island records. In the year 1987, Jimmy Lifton got a chance provide music for the feature film, “Kandyland”.  Throughout the following years, Lifton scored numerous movies and went on to produce and direct multiple film and television productions.

1990: This year was a very important one for the filmmaking career of Jimmy Lifton. This year marked the release of his very first feature film, “Mirror, Mirror”. It was a horror cult classic starring William Sanderson, Karen Black, and Yvonne De Carlo.  Lifton produced and scored the movie.

1994: Jimmy Lifton directed the sequel to “Mirror, Mirror”, “Mirror, Mirror: Raven Dance”. He also wrote the script and scored the movie. He cast Mark Ruffalo in the starring role.

1995: Triad Studios was formed by Jimmy Lifton. Under the Triad Studios banner, Jimmy Lifton produced two feature films; “Final Equinox” and “Phoenix”. Jimmy Lifton also produced and released the third installment of “Mirror, Mirror” titled, “Mirror, Mirror 3: The Voyeur”, also starring Mark Ruffalo.

1996: Somerset Studios was formed by Jimmy Lifton. Numerous films were produced by Jimmy Lifton under the Somerset banner including “Firestorm”, “The Secret Agent Club”, “Blood Money” and “Assault on Dome 4”.

1997: Jimmy Lifton produced “Little Cobras, Operation Dalmatian” and also wrote the script.

1998: Jimmy Lifton produced two movies entitled “Mixed Blessings” and “Little Cobras, Monkey Business”.

2000: The last movie of the “Mirror, Mirror” franchise was released under the title “Mirror, Mirror 4: Reflection”.

Lifton continues to write, produce and direct feature films and television episodes. Recent titles have included “War Flowers” starring Christina Ricci and “Bad to the Bone”. Also recent productions written and produced by Lifton include “Blind Sided”, “Timepiece” and “The Gunman”. Lifton has just finished producing and cowrote “Red Sneakers” and directed and co-wrote “Nanas Pancakes”. Currently in post production is Lifton’s “What Is and What Should Never Be”, written, produced and directed by Jimmy”.

Achievements of Jimmy Lifton are numerous both in the field of filmmaking and music. His outstanding contributions continue to amass daily.