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Jimmy Lifton is a renowned keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer.  His work has been published by Motown Records, as well as having appeared in numerous movies. He has been signed to Atlantic Records and has performed as a solo artist in such infamous venues as The House of Blues and The Troubadour. Lifton continues to perform today as The Jimmy Lifton Band, a 10 piece Delta Blues, Gospel ensemble.

Jimmy Lifton started as a musician at a very early age; from being offered the Apprenticeship to the Master Organist of the Detroit Symphony, to studying at the Toronto Conservatory of Music to attending the Berklee College of Music. Lifton’s early accomplishments were all before he was sixteen years old.  Throughout his life he has entertained audiences worldwide and has had his songs released throughout the world.

In the 1970’s Jimmy Lifton performed as a session player for the Detroit music studios. He was one of the first players to bring the “Mellotron” to the recording world and was a staple at Motown recording studio’s Groovesville Productions and Lorio recording studio.

1981: Jimmy Lifton founded Orphan records with Virginia Perfili.  This Michigan based R&B, Hip, Hop and Pop recording label was home to eight musical acts including Bridgette Grace, Marcus, You, Siri Lini and The Voice.

1982: Jimmy Lifton’s  first single, “I Wanna Talk to You”, was released.

1984: Lifton’s first EP under the title “JIMMY LIFTON” was released which had a collection of the songs; I wanna Talk to You, Soldier, Time We Were on our Way, Silence and Harmony.

1986: The cover of the infamous song “I’m a man” was released in collaboration with Steve Winwood and Jimmy Miller. The cover with the help of Lifton’s music video, propelled the song to number 23 on the charts, helping Jimmy Lifton attain a firm footing in the industry. Subsequently, Atlantic Record bought the license to the song and signed Lifton to a record deal.

1987: In one year’s time, Jimmy Lifton became familiar with the world of music videos and was able to produce a handsome number of 12”records with Bruce Nazarian. He  produced and directed numerous music videos during this year. His interest started growing in filmmaking. He then set foot in the world of filmmaking when he was given an opportunity to work on the feature film, Kandyland’s sound track.

1990: “Mirror, Mirror” Lifton’s first feature film production, was released in this year. It was Jimmy Lifton’s first feature-length film as a producer.

1990 – 1995:  Jimmy Lifton arranged financing and launched Triad Studios and Somerset Studios, producing a complete slate of feature films for the international market.

1996 – 2012: Jimmy Lifton co-founded Oracle Post with Paulette Victor and grew this post production sound facility one of the leaders in post sound, in the Los Angeles area.  Lifton won numerous awards including Golden Reels and Emmys.

2014 to present: Lifton founded Lifton Institute of Media Arts and Sciences, LIMS, which is a nationally recognized training facility for movie crews.  He continues to produce full length feature films and television episodes on a regular basis and still performs for live audiences at renowned venues such as House of Blues and The Troubadour.